The Simple Circle

“June” Simple Circle Earring

“June” Simple Circle Earring

The most basic geometric shape is the circle, and I use them regularly in my work. Finding inspiration for designs with circles are everywhere! Just look around and no doubt you will see at least one within your view. 

The possibilities of incorporating a circle in my jewelry are endless, and I know I will never make every design drawn in my sketchbook and swirling around in my mind’s eye!

The “Jane” earrings celebrate this uncomplicated shape in its purist form, making them an essential and elemental part of any wardrobe. You can find several designs incorporating the circle on my website here! I embellish a few with pearls and gold, I leave others unembellished and let them speak for themselves. Maybe there is a pair that speaks to you.

 Enough said, since Leonardo Di Vinci said it best:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”