Designing Jewelry AND a Forever Home

Busy does not even describe the last year of my life! Selling a home, moving most everything to storage, relocating to a new city, making due in an apartment and continuing, or should I say struggling, to make jewelry, in addition to designing and building a forever home with my husband. If you read my Temporary Studio Blues blog, you already know about our relocation and how ecstatic we are to be back in Kansas City, and hopefully by mid October we will be in our new home.

Here is just a sneak peek at the progress. Best of all, my studio finally has walls and I can envision how amazing it will be to have a space of my own. I have planned and re-designed this room so many times, trying to get everything in the perfect place. Once all the benches, equipment and furniture arrive from storage I will be actively trying to position everything for optimal productivity. Stay tuned!