Getting Show Ready!


For those of you who take part in art shows and sales, you can relate to how much time and effort goes into each one. No matter how many times you have prepared for an event it appears to get no easier. Sure, maybe all of your items have a price tag on them, and are show ready, or are they?

I must check and double check each item. I must clean and polish everything to look its best. I must account for and package each item for every show. Each display must be in its best shape, ready to make my jewelry shine. It is a ritual and a process and the only way to have a successful show.

With practice I have a better system in place than when I began this adventure. I assign each collection of jewelry to a display that will showcase the item in my booth. I carefully stack and box each display in the order they will appear in my booth, and I can now get all of my jewelry and displays on to a single flat bed cart! An achievement I am very proud of! My greatest accomplishment is the fact I can break down a show in less than 30 minutes! That alone is a feat worthy of noting. 

I will go through this ritual once again as my next show approaches. Join me at the Dallas Contemporary Jewelry Show Pop-up on June 15 and 16 at Art on Henderson, 1802 McMillan Ave. Dallas, TX. 

Hope to see you there!