It's Been Seven Months Since My Last Blog Post.....What?


To say I have been lax in writing this blog would be a colossal understatement. I had great enthusiasm and the best intentions as I started this venture, but coming up with interesting things to share is just a bit stressful for someone who does not particularly enjoy writing in the first place. I must admit, I was a tad over ambitious when I committed to post something each and every week. What was I thinking? 

So here I am, seven months later, trying to figure out what my plans for this blog are in the coming year. Can I commit to one post a month? Maybe one every other month? Certainly not every week since we know how that worked out. 

As I drift through the last remaining days of 2017 I will, at the very least, compile a  minimum of 6 ideas for future posts. I hope this will give me the incentive to publish something on a regular and more frequent schedule. 

Until then, Merry Christmas and heartfelt wishes for a safe and peaceful Holiday Season and New Year.