Discovering My Signature Style and More

It has been just over one year since I launched Jackie Jordan Studio, and although I have been creating jewelry on and off for over 17 years, I have been spending the last 12 months, fabricating, experimenting and searching for my signature style. This process took me in many directions, some more successful than others, but all with the intent of creating memorable and wearable pieces of jewelry. 

Did I love everything I made? Actually, yes! However, I knew there was something missing, something that energized and excited me and truly represented my design aesthetic. I needed to stop trying to design for everyone and instead design for me and women just like me, or as I would come to learn, my dream client. It was a moment of clarity that stopped my in my tracks.

I was paralyzed by how to move forward and make this happen. And then the stars aligned when I stumbled upon the Flourish and Thrive Academy jewelry boot camp. Not only did these sessions confirm what I was feeling, they also challenged me, taught me so many amazing lessons and provided me with a roadmap to get me where I wanted to go. I also encountered a community of artists who were so willing to share their experiences and expertise and provide support, encouragement and advice. I am now ready to tackle the next steps. 

Sterling and Steel Collection, Pendulum Series

Sterling and Steel Collection, Pendulum Series

So, back to my signature style. My newest collection, Sterling and Steel, is what I have been working towards these past months.  It represents my love of architecture, graphic design, simple geometric and organic lines, minimalism and movement. These designs are for women who love the same things I do, who do not want to conform to fads and trends, but instead want to adorn themselves with art jewelry that never goes out of style. This jewelry is for women who want to make a statement without "making a statement". 

I am so excited about this direction and all the design possibilities it holds. My mind is moving at warp speed, but my hands can only make so much. I guess that's a good thing as it will keep me busy for months and years to come. 

Forever creating,



Hello, World!

Jackie Jordan Studio One-Year Anniversary!

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 12.28.58 PM.png

In the blink of an eye, Jackie Jordan Studio has reached its milestone one-year anniversary, and that age-old saying, “time flies when you’re having fun”, has never felt more real than it does at this moment.  

As I began this journey, my first inclination was to let this website and business percolate for one full year and either call it quits or forge ahead. Well, I’ve never been a quitter, so I’m not sure why I even expressed that thought, but here I am, twelve months later, excited to continue this creative quest.

I had no grand expectations or written in stone goals for building this business in year one. Instead, my focus was to create without constraints, embrace the creative process and discover my design aesthetic. I also continued to learn while sharing my passion and work with anyone interested in handcrafted, contemporary jewelry. If I achieved one thing, it is taking a dream, making it a reality and enjoying each and every moment along the way.

I certainly have my family and friends to thank for their support both with encouraging words and acquiring jewelry I hope they truly love.

Happy New Year and Cheers to a whirlwind 2017!



It's Been Seven Months Since My Last Blog Post.....What?


To say I have been lax in writing this blog would be a colossal understatement. I had great enthusiasm and the best intentions as I started this venture, but coming up with interesting things to share is just a bit stressful for someone who does not particularly enjoy writing in the first place. I must admit, I was a tad over ambitious when I committed to post something each and every week. What was I thinking? 

So here I am, seven months later, trying to figure out what my plans for this blog are in the coming year. Can I commit to one post a month? Maybe one every other month? Certainly not every week since we know how that worked out. 

As I drift through the last remaining days of 2017 I will, at the very least, compile a  minimum of 6 ideas for future posts. I hope this will give me the incentive to publish something on a regular and more frequent schedule. 

Until then, Merry Christmas and heartfelt wishes for a safe and peaceful Holiday Season and New Year. 



Unexpected Sentimental Inspiration

In the early 1960s my father's company sent him to work on the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. I was around 6 or 7 at the time and could not fathom where in the world this was or what he was doing in this far away place. I recall with vivid clarity during his absence, the large heavy boxes that would arrive on our doorstep, much to my mothers dismay, with treasures from the beaches of Kwajalein Island. I'm not talking about a few tiny trinkets but large netted Japanese glass fishing floats, a fractured glass and brass porthole from a warship and other miscellaneous finds. I am so thankful he had the foresight to see the value in washed up sea-drift.  

As you would imagine, seashells were in the mix but not just the expected types. My favorites were these interesting aubergine colored sea urchin spines. Those pointy little shells were like nothing I had ever seen before and I found them mesmerizing. I remember crafting a handful of them into wind chimes I am sure hung somewhere in my childhood home. After a time, those unique spiked shells were packed away and forgotten. 

Fast forward 50 years later and my mom hands me this vintage, draw string, cotton bag containing dozens of those shells my dad foraged so many years ago. She unearthed these somewhere in her home and cared to share them with me, expecting I might do something creative with them.  

I removed them from the bag and immediately added some to a little display on my coffee table and the rest went into a vintage bowl in my studio. As I considered these special shells for several weeks I became inspired to fashion a piece of jewelry to celebrate their sentiment and create something truly unique.  Many had holes in the tops and I am uncertain if they appeared naturally or if my father perhaps drilled them as I assembled my wind chimes. In any case that tiny void provided the perfect anchor point for my idea. 

I created several free form wire shapes, hammered, attached and finished them with a leather cord, in keeping with the natural and bohemian vibe. They are whimsical, unique and special in so many ways. 

I hope this story will add a touch of history and warmth should you desire to adorn yourself with a sea urchin pendant.  They are available on my website at

Always inspired,




Creative Freedom

How does one define creative freedom?

This answer will certainly vary from each imaginative, gifted, artistic soul to the next. For me, being a former design director in the corporate world, there are many meanings. To be fair, there were countless moments of sheer joy and success, but many were hard fought.  Now, I am no longer constrained by deadlines, budgets, opinions, criticisms, and rejections to name just a few.

Creative freedom means I can conceive and build everything my spirit craves, without scrutiny and audit by anyone other than myself.  I can work as few or as many hours necessary to complete a project to my satisfaction. It also means managing every detail related to this small business. The up's and down's are explicitly mine to handle, solve, enjoy and admire. It's a scary thing, but having complete ownership, accepting what comes with this blossoming venture is definitely worthwhile.  

As artists we crave to inspire others and seek admiration for our work, providing validation and a sense of purpose. If by chance we only inspire ourselves, at least we have done so with absolute conviction, inner fulfillment, and most importantly, creative freedom.

I hope you have a chance stop by and visit Jackie Jordan, LLC to see my latest jewelry creations. Each item is handcrafted with pure delight. 



"Creativity is contagious, pass it on"  Albert Einstein 



Treasure Hunting Tucson Style

One of my ultimate pleasures is treasure hunting for jewelry embellishments. The search can be for something specific, such as a stone or pearl, but the primary goal is discovering unique elements to excite and inspire my creative soul. 

My favorite excursion happens in Tucson, Arizona, where multitudes of gem and mineral shows blanket the city. This colossal exhibition of wondrous extractions from the earth will make you dizzy and in awe of Mother Nature. The magnitude of jaw dropping gifts from the planet to hold and behold is beyond description. 

Navigating such an expo takes planning. Comfortable shoes are an absolute necessity, sunscreen, for the numerous outdoor venues, patience, as the crowds are exhausting, a list of essentials and must see shows, a good friend to tell you “you don’t need that”, and a budget. Save time for random excursions to visit the bead, glass and art fairs scattered throughout the town.

With those criteria met, my trooper pal Marge and I, trekked for miles in and out of hotel rooms, tents, ballrooms, warehouses, and parking lots with row after row of tables overflowing with nature’s bounty. I restrained myself from buying a 6-foot tall lingam stone, behemoth amethyst geode and a dinosaur skeleton, (yes you can buy those too), but instead acquired many gorgeous petite gems that fit handily into my backpack.

After three days of scrutinizing and selecting every specimen, I finally had time to admire my cache of tiny jewels, imagining what they might become. Iridescent boulder opals, sparkling geodes and druzy crystals, lustrous pearls, and slate speckled with shiny pyrite will keep me in creative bliss for weeks to come.

This treasure hunt was an adventure, a learning experience, a reminder of and appreciation for the beauty of our earth. It was also an inspired and successful journey to propel my artistic vision forward and encourage my return next year. 

Now it's back to the bench to create something special with these fantastic finds. 

Always inspired,